All our suppliers are local farmer, food creators and lovers of food. We choose suppliers who you won’t find in regular supermarkets or stores.


Founded in August 2009, Richard Bosman’s Quality Cured Meats is a small factory committed to producing excellent cured meats using traditional methods. After 5 successful years running the Deli in Hermanus, owner Richard Bosman decided to set up a factory to produce Italian and Spanish style cured meats.

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Bill Riley Meat
A family operated butchery with passion for meat for over 45 years.
The experience and knowledge passed down from one generation to another spanning 4 generations, allowing us not to just sell meat, but to live for it.

Bill Riley Meat has been passing on knowledge of meat from generation to generation. The grandmaster of meat started us on a journey which has spanned us 3 generations, and today, is thriving, thanks to our passion for customer service, but, most important, our love for meat.

Today, Bill Riley Meat, under the leadership of Dave Riley senior and Rob Riley, his sons, who have encompassed every aspect of the relationship between customer and the sheer love of meat, are managing to carry on a legacy that will carry on long onto the future generations of the family butcher.

They pride themselves in sourcing the best beef, lamb and pork available on the South African meat market.
Over the last few years Bill Riley meat has taken a keen interest in free range, hormone free beef.

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Roas’s bakery is a german bakery with the loveliest products in Cape Town.They supply us with the freshly baked burger buns, ciabatta loaf, fresh baked olive & cheese sticks.

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The Blockman are a small butchery in Port Elizabeth.


Is an egg, just an egg?
I love eggs have the freshest free range which they prefer to collect smaller quantities more frequently, direct from the farm.
Their free range hens are kept under careful, loving supervision and comply with the strict guidelines as set out by the Code of Practices as stipulated by the South African Poultry Association. This code is in-line with the most stringent international free range regulations.
The hens are fed only natural ingredients that are of vegetable origin.
So there are NO anti-biotics, NO animal protein, NO fishmeal and they are melamine free.
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Blake’s Fine Foods is a family owned and operated business, based in Killarney Gardens, Cape Town. It was started in 2013 by Carol and her husband Roger Grassman. At the time their son Blake was born and decided to name their business after him.

The company has since become a purveyor of exquisite meats (Wagyu) and delicious seafood. They source their products from local producers, Wagyu beef being their main line.

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The intrepid tale of Sir Fruit began in eons past: an ancient, mysterious age around 2005. While adding ‘Hollaback Girl’ to their iPod Nanos, our founders had an idea – to build the best juicing company Mzanzi had ever seen.
Enter the Brothers Baker (cue trumpets) …
Sir juice make the super healthy and deliciously radical fruit juice. Yes, The good stuff! It goes without saying everything you get from them will be fresher than the Fresh Prince.

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Crafting quality snacks is a hands-on process that involves sourcing the freshest ingredients by building relationships with growers and farmers.

The Rootstock team trims, washes and sorts vegetables by hand. The veggies are cut and fried in small batches, before being dried to lock in the natural flavour. Quality, artisanal, handmade crisps rely on sourcing the best ingredients.

Whilst drying, their crisps are seasoned by hand, ensuring the perfect flavour balance. Crisps are sorted, packed, sealed, labelled and sent on their way to delight peckish snack-lovers all over the country.

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Aroundcheese sources and hand picks locally produced cheeses from small artisanal farm cheese producers from all over the country. Many are award-winning. They are proudly South African.

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Fensham’s is a small, family owned and run farm, located near Heidelberg in the Western Cape. Rather than using harmful chemicals and heavy machinery, our farming approach is to nurture and regenerate the land, allowing the natural ecosystems in the soil to flourish. Their Pasture Raised Chickens live in houses that sit directly on fresh pasture, open to fresh air and sunshine all day long, instead of being in massive free range sheds. Everyday, they move their birds to pristine pasture so they can scratch in the earth and eat all the grass, legumes, bugs and worms they want, before being interested in the non-GMO, medication free feed they provide. Their birds also grow at a slower and more natural rate, producing the healthiest and tastiest chicken.
Their chickens receive no growth hormones, antibiotics, or antimicrobials, they grow 100% naturally and vary in their weight and size (as Mother Nature does it!).

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As one of South Africa’s leading, independent food innovators, NOMU produces an ever-expanding, award-winning range of quality food and lifestyle products!

Launched in Cape Town and exported globally since December 2000, NOMU products are always stylish, attractive, and ideal for everyday use or as wonderful gifts for any special occasions, for anyone who adores great, authentic flavour, blended with exquisite, modern design. NOMU strives to represent the finest, consistent quality in contemporary food and flavour. Inspiring creativity, in your kitchen!

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The Wood Guys are a dedicated duo of firewood enthusiasts who are passionate about service delivery, quality fire and braai wood and the satisfaction of their customers in Cape Town and the Western Cape. The Wood Guys supply rooikrans, blue gum, myrtlewood and blackwattle and other varietals of wood to various private family homes, restaurants, hotels and lodges around the Western Cape and ensure timely delivery and quality products at affordable prices.

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